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Exercise: Can Less Mean More?

Many exercises use multiple muscle groups to make the most of those intense 20 seconds. It certainly wouldnt be a beginners exercise. It could be demotivating if you have the wrong person standing in front of the room, Thompson-Hurlburt says. For redirected optimum benefits, short-interval HIIT workouts may be used best as one component of a total fitness regimen, not as a substitute for one. The problem with higher intensity exercise is site web that youre more prone to injury performing it. If youre working at a higher intensity, you are more likely to strain a muscle or injure your body somehow, Kerr says. If youre planning an exercise strategy for the week, you only might want to do high intensity twice a week, a few days apart.
Source: http://blog.timesunion.com/healthylifemagazine/exercise-can-less-mean-more/6532/

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